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    LIBRE Sunglasses UV400 Edition“Freedom“, für Women and Men (orange-blue)

    Explore the freedom on sea.
    LIBRE stands for quality lifestyle and comfort. Our new line of sunglasses will not only protect your eyes with UV filter glass UV400 but was specialy designed for bright sunny days, You will like the colour combination cool design and quality.
    Especially on the ocean with high reflections the sunglasses will comfort your view.

    * UVA-rays (wavelength: 315 bis 400 nm)
    * UVB-rays (wavelength: 280 bis 315 nm)
    * UVC-rays (wavelength: 100 bis 280 nm)

    Its the perfect gear which will confort you around the year on land or sea.

    Care and maintenance
    Always keep the glasses in a case and clean them with a soft cloth - dont wear the glasses when they are damaged - dont look direct into UV rays and direct into the sunlight.

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